🗓 Update: 2019-03-18


Currently I am focused primarly on improve my skills on Design, UX and JavaScript

Side projects

At this moment I am centered on the port some of my websites, like this, from WordPress to a static site generator tool, in this case, Eleventy and Netlify as hosting.


Recently I bought Máis que ver: Cen historias do deseño na Galiza but I will not start it until I finish A Feast for Crows.


I have many ideas for articles, but I think I will not write in the next weeks until my sites are all ported to Eleventy and Netlify.


From Portomouro, but currently living in A Coruña, Galiza, SPAIN.


I am a frontend designer and developer in OpositaTest.


I’m still learning and improving my productivity with GTD. And recently I started running again after a long time.

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